Nashville SC Player Ratings vs Chattanooga

cfc nsc player ratings 2

The Speedway Soccer Pod team analyzed Nashville’s individual performance from tonight’s 3-1 victory over Chattanooga FC. The scale is from 1-10:

Pickens – 7.5: Did well to deny Chattanooga a goal in the first 10 minutes. Otherwise wasn’t tested much, but took care of business.

Bourgeois – 7: Played the first half and looked solid. Handled Chattanooga’s early attacks well and had a quiet rest of the night.

Doyle – 6.5: Played well for the most part. Passed well out of the back and pushed up into midfield on occasion. Takes a hit for a sloppy giveaway just outside his own 18 that directly led to Chattanooga’s goal.

Woodberry – 7.5: Defended well, played almost as a no. 6 in possession, and unfortunate to see a great header rattle off the crossbar. Another solid outing.

Washington – 8: Always attacks with energy for 90 minutes. Pushed forward ambitiously and passed with vision. Making a case to be in the starting XI in Louisville.

Akinyode – 7.5: Strong on the ball. Very intentional with his passing and found space well. Always pushes the tempo of the match from deep.

LaGrassa – 8.5: Not a great start to the match. Lost possession and allowed Chattanooga to attack. Grew into the match and dominated towards the end of his shift. Pushed into attacking areas well, tackled hard, and split the defense with incisive passing. Scored Nashville’s first from the spot, assisted Hume’s match winner, and hit the bar.

James – 8: Played at right wingback in the first half and right center back in the second, neither of which are his preferred positions. Calm on the ball, pressed forward well, passed effectively, and consistently broke up play. Did well to stop a Chattanooga counter late in the second half.

Winn – 8: Drifted well into pockets of space, pushed the tempo of the match, and got behind the defense on several occasions. Had a beautiful give-and-go with Mensah before firing a shot that was well saved.

Hume – 9: Held the ball up powerfully. Had several flicked headers to send Mensah and Winn into space. Made aggressive runs and stretched the defense. His goal was a work of art and showed another side to his game.

Mensah – 8.5: Fast and physical. His footwork in tight spaces allowed him to maintain possession well. Absolutely bullied the defense for his goal.


Cochran – 6.5: Organized the defense well, and will be frustrated to lose the clean sheet via such a sloppy turnover.

Reed – 7.5: Brings a calming presence to midfield. Moved the ball quickly and got forward with purpose. 

Moloto – 9: His first-time passes look effortless. Sees space and plays the ball into it. Showed up all over the pitch to great effect. Unlucky not to score when his shot was tipped onto the post.

Davis – 7: Wasn’t tested much. Didn’t give the ball away. Gave up one good chance late in the second but the Chattanooga attacker pushed his shot wide.

Kimura – 7.5: Got up and down the flank well. Had several good crosses into the box that should have been finished.

Cox – 8: Tormented the defense for the 30 minutes he was on the pitch. Consistently found space behind their lines and drove the ball at defenders. Had several decent shots and opened up the match.

Shroot – 7.5: Didn’t have a huge impact, but frustrated the defense and opened up space for his teammates.

Hughes – 7: Didn’t make much impact, but tackled well and didn’t turn possession over.

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