Nashville SC Player Ratings v. Louisville City

Nashville opened its USL era with a 2-0 loss at Louisville City FC. Here’s how the Speedway Soccer Pod team rated each member of the Boys in Gold.

Match Ratings -- Louisville City FC

Pickens – 7.5: Mostly solid. Had a fantastic save on a header from point blank range early in the first half. Unlucky to have the opener bounce off of him after hitting the post. Could have done more to parry Jimenez’s cross, but neither of the goals were his fault.

Woodberry – 6.5: His passing out of the back was suspect at times, and completely lost McCabe at the back post for Lou City’s second. Not a terrible match, but not his best.

Doyle – 6.5: His passing was typically solid, but was pulled beaten in the air by Spencer for the opener, and was pulled way out of position on the second, leaving a huge gap behind him that Lou City exploited.

Davis – 6.5: Often played aimless long balls up to the forwards, and his set piece delivery left a lot to be desired. Let Jimenez slip behind him to assist the second goal. Was probably the best of the three center backs, but none of them had games to remember.

Kimura – 7: Worked hard, very involved, and tackled well. Played a few decent balls into the box, but his floated crosses were easily claimed by the keeper when a lower, driven ball would have been more effective. A mostly solid performance.

Reed – 7.5: The newly-announced captain was everywhere. His tackling was spot on and broke up play well. Passed efficiently. Showing what we can expect from him on a consistent basis.

LaGrassa – 7.0: Like Reed, tackled well. Very tenacious on the ball. Not decisive enough in the final third. Had a few chances to take a shot but seldom pulled the trigger. On that type of surface, it is worth having a go from distance. Overall was solid.

James – 6.5: Not too involved in the first half and not incredibly effective in the second. Had one good headed attempt in the first that he did well to reach, but couldn’t get over the ball. Made good runs in the second half but didn’t always get the ball. Would like to see him whip in an early cross more often.

Moloto – 7.5: Probably Nashville’s best player on the day. The only starter who frequently took the ball at defenders. His touch was sure and he passed well in the final third. Had a wide open shot on the half volley that screamed for a simple, placed finish, but elected to go for power and blazed it over the bar. Absolutely should have scored.

Cox – 6.5: Very involved. Not very productive. Had several chances to get through on goal but his first touch let him down. Held the ball up well enough, but didn’t do enough with it.

Shroot – 6.0: Worked hard enough, but went missing for long periods. Often dropped deep to try to get the ball, and as a result wasn’t left Cox on an island at times.


Hume – 7.0: The game changed the minute he came on in place of Shroot at 59′. Held the ball up well, took the ball at defenders, and gave Nashville a presence in the box. Had a great header saved in the 90th minute. Made a strong case to start.
Mensah – 6.0: A disappointing outing from the promising youngster. Replaced Cox in the 73′, but instead of adding another dimension to the attack, held the ball up too long and lost possession easily when a simple pass would have freed a teammate. Needs to be more aware.
Washington – 7.5: Nashville’s best fullback on the day. Replaced James in the 85′, and made fans wonder why he wasn’t given more time to impact the match. Instantly brought energy and purpose to the match. Used his pace well to stretch the field, and crossed with a pace and purpose that was previously lacking. It will be interesting to see how he factors into things in the home opener.

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