Nashville SC fans enjoy victory at Pastime

Nashville SC’s 1-0 victory against previously unbeaten Pittsburgh Wednesday night was a huge moment for the club, as it put them back into the top eight of the USL Eastern Conference standings and extended the Boys in Gold’s unbeaten streak in the league to five.

Although the game was on the road, there was still plenty of support around the Music City for the game that night. Watch parties congregated at many of the club’s affiliated bars to cheer on Nashville to victory.

One of those bars was Pastime. The official home base of the Roadies, many have frequented this establishment during home games to grab a beverage (or many) and a pregame snack before making the short march to First Tennessee Park to yell and sing for their team.

However, I was curious how things went when the team was out of town. Myself and the Golden Goal fellows decided to head over to Pastime to catch the match and soak up the festivities. Here are some observations I had from our trip last night.

Atmosphere: Although the first half was a bit lethargic, that didn’t damper the spirits of The Roadies in attendance that night. They continued to give words of encouragement through the television screens. The place came alive, as expected, when Brandon Allen scored his goal in the 69th minute. I thoroughly enjoyed the synchronized clapping and chants of “NSC!” during the corner kicks Nashville SC was awarded.

Presentation:  The bar set up all three television monitors above the bar main to have the game on, making it impossible to have a bad seat if you came to watch.

Food: I’ve been on a bit of a health kick lately, so I decided to go with the chicken caesar wrap. However, it didn’t seem like you go wrong with anything on the menu. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re like me and wanted to try and cut a couple of calories, or you want to indulge in all of the mouth-watering appetizers like hot chicken taquitos or pretzel bites.

Service: Our waitress was exceptional with her service, getting us our drinks in a timely manner and checking in with us enough times where it didn’t seem like she was overbearing.

As Nashville SC continues to have games on the road, we’ll continue to try and venture out to other establishments that show their games and give our feedback on them.

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