Nashville SC vs. Indy Eleven Fearless Forecast

Nashville SC is looking to continue its unbeaten run in USL competition with a Tuesday matchup against Indy Eleven. Here are our predictions:

Andy Simmons, Golden Goal

2-1 Nashville

Goals: Ish Jome, Ropapa Mensah

MOTM: Ish Jome

Prediction: Ropapa Mensah scores another late-winner to help propel Nashville to victory.


Wes Boling, Golden Goal

1-1 draw

Goal: Bradon Allen

MOTM: Lebo Moloto

Prediction: Soony Saad scores on a free kick


Glenn Judah, Golden Goal:

1-0 Nashville

Goal: Bradley Bourgeois

MOTM: Bourgeois

Prediction: Bourgeois comes up big and finally puts a header in the back of the net


Ben Wright, Speedway Soccer:

2-0 Nashville

Goals: Ropapa Mensah x2

MOTM: Ropapa Mensah

Prediction: Lebo Moloto, Bolu Akinyode, and Matt LaGrassa will each complete 90+% of their passes


Jonathan Slape, Speedway Soccer:

3-1 Nashville

Goals: Brandon Allen, Ropapa Mensah, Lebo Moloto

MOTM: Lebo Moloto

Prediction: Lebo Moloto is directly involved in all three Nashville goals.


Davey Shepard, Speedway Soccer:

2-1 Nashville

Goals: Brandon Allen x2

MOTM: Brandon Allen

Prediction: Ben Wright will mention VAR no less than 25 times in the group chat during the match.


John Sloop, Speedway Soccer:

2-0 Nashville

Goals: Brandon Allen x2

MOTM: Brandon Allen

Prediction: late red on Indy


Fan predictions:


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