Player Ratings: Nashville SC vs. Indy Eleven

Nashville SC dropped its second consecutive game in all competitions and lost at home for the first time with a 2-0 defeat against Indy Eleven. Here’s how the Speedway Soccer Pod broke down the performance Tuesday night.


Gary Smith – 5.0: His team looked void of ideas, had no real pace through the center, and were predictable in the final third. The players he brought on were positive, but his decision to take off Woodberry instead of James was surprising. A night to forget.
Matt Pickens – 5.5: A mixed bag. Made a Save-Of-The-Week level stop, only to see Indy score off the resulting corner. Let in a howler for Indy’s second. He’ll want that one back.
London Woodberry – 7.0: One of the few who had a decent night. Made strong runs down the right flank and provided effective service in the final third. However, his poor marking on a corner kick lead to Indy’s first goal. Surprised to see him taken off in the 60th minute.
Bradley Bourgeois – 5.0: Let Braun get behind him for Indy’s second goal, and missed another header from close range in second half stoppage time. He’s had 13 shots on the season, almost all of them from very close range. He’s only put 3 on target and hasn’t scored one. Sooner or later, he’s going to have to come up with some end product.
Liam Doyle – 5.0: Not as culpable as Bourgeois for Indy’s second goal, but still slow to react and didn’t recognize Braun’s run in behind. His passing wasn’t as effective as usual, and didn’t add a ton to Nashville’s second half push for a goal.
Ryan James – 6.0: Worked hard, but his end product wasn’t there. Surprised he stayed on when Woodberry was taken off.
Matt LaGrassa – 5.0: Lost his man on the corner for Indy’s first goal. Provided some decent service into the box, but lacked ideas to break Indy down in the second half. Replaced by Mensah in the 68th minute.
Michael Reed – 6.0: Worked hard, passed efficiently, created three chances and took a few shot. Like the rest of the team, he defaulted to passing the ball out to the wings for a cross instead of trying to find any space through the middle.
Bolu Akinyode – 5.5: Completed 93 percent of his passing, but there are times when he has to be more aggressive. Last night was one of those times. Like Reed, he defaulted to passing out to the wings, instead of looking for other more effective options. Needs to take more shots.
Ish Jome – 5.0: Below par. Had chances to take on a defender 1v1 and passed the ball off instead. Deservedly taken off at halftime.
Lebo Moloto – 6.5: Another player who comes away with some credit. Nashville’s only consistent threat, creating seven chances. Too often, though, he passed the ball off to a teammate instead of taking the shot himself. Needs to be more selfish in games like that.
Brandon Allen – 5.0: Pretty invisible. Touched the ball three times in Indy’s box. Only took three shots, one of which was a hopeful effort from distance, and the other two were snatched at. In what’s becoming a recurring trend, lack of pace really limited his effectiveness.
Alan Winn – 7.0: Replaced Jome at halftime and brought a spark to the Boys In Gold (who were actually wearing navy). Had a fantastic header cleared off the line at the far post. Created three chances and connected really well with Washington on the left.
Taylor Washington – 7.0: Ran himself into the ground, and overlapped really well, often opening up space for Winn. His final ball into the box wasn’t always on, though.
Ropapa Mensah – 6.5: Came on with 22 minutes left and brought pace to the team, but wasn’t incredibly effective. Tried to connect with Moloto and James, but his ideas didn’t always come off and only managed one shot.

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